Does Bosch or the Supported OEM’s “Approve” or “Certify” CDR Training?

 No, Bosch understands that they do not have crash investigation expertise and as such will not suggest any trainers or training institutions as “Approved” or “Certified” by them.The supported Automakers (The “OE’s”) – Chrysler, Ford, GM and Toyota also do not “Approve” or “Certify” any one training organization.

–Bosch currently recognizes several training organizations for CDR related training. Crash Data Specialists is one of these organizations. Please CLICK HERE for a link to the training information page at the Bosch CDR website


•What does “Bosch Preferred” mean?

Bosch no longer recognizes any one training organization as “preferred” over another. Any organization stating such, or any trainer claiming to be a “Preferred” trainer is misleading you. Confirmation can be obtained from Bosch at the link above.


•Why should I choose as my training source for CDR?

–Our instructors backgrounds and experience are second to none.   Brad Muir – was part of Collision Safety Institute until he started CDR-Trainers with Bill Davies.  Brad has been a CDR Technician and Analyst Instructor since 2003, and using CDR data since 1997. Brad also has taught the annual CDR Technician Train-the-Trainer class as well as the Advanced Skills for the CDR Technician class. Jon Northrup has been involved in CDR Technology since 2000 and, along with Brad, was part of the crash test and analysis crew at CSI before leaving for Crash Data Specialists in February 2011.


Where can I get more information on the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System?

–For more information on the CDR system via the Bosch Diagnostics website CLICK HERE.



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