Have a damaged Airbag Control Module (ACM) or Powertrain Control Module (PCM)? Let our specialists recover the crash data potentially stored in these ECU's.

The Experts at Crash Data Specialists have a proven track record of retrieving crucial Event Data Recorder (EDR) information where others would have, or did give up.

This includes cracked and broken connectors and circuit boards as well as ACMs and PCMs that have been damaged by fire. These ECUs and the crash record chips contained within have a greater survivability that you may think!

Below are several examples of cracked or broken circuit boards and connectors and fire damaged ECUs that we have been able to recover data from. 

Our services are not limited to those supported by the Bosch CDR system, but includes Hyundai, Kia, Subaru and Mitsubishi ACM's.

*** IMPORTANT *** If your case invovles a CDR Supported Ford PCM and their is external damage to either the casing or connector - STOP - do not attempt a download without consulting us first!

We have several examples where a partial circuit within the PCM was functioning and the crash data stored wihin was over-written by attempts to download a damaged ECU.

Cost: The cost starts $1500.00 US for Damaged ACM/PCM and $2500 for Fire Damaged ACM/PCM. Call us for a Quote. Law Enforcement on an active investigation - Contact us to discuss your case (we may in a position to waive this fee).

If a preliminary inspection reveals your ECU is not suitable it will be returned to you with only shipping costs due.

Process: Data Retrieval is performed by locating the "chip" containing the crash record. The "chip" is then marked and transplanted into a Host ECU of the same part number. 

The Proces is documented through photographs that will accompany the data retrieved.

Crash Data Specialists uses Surface Mount (SMT) re-work stations, temperature controlled soldering stations, and other ESD safe practices during this process.

Please inquire if we can be of assistance.


Fractured ACM's Where data was retrieved:


Fire Damaged ACM's where data was retrieved:


 Damaged Ford PCM's where data was retrieved:





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