<p><span style="font-size: 12pt;">*****NEW*****</span></p>
<p>Crash Data Specialists are pleased to announce that their CDR &nbsp;System Operators class is now available for others to provide!</p>
<p>Our CDR Operators class is THE most up to data CDR System end user training available.&nbsp;This 8-hour course of instruction is the entry-level class for those new to the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System, equivalent to &nbsp;"Technician 1 and 2" level classes offered by others. Ideally this training should be completed before using the CDR System for the first time. We regularly update our class to include new coverage and other relevant new information as need with each version release of the CDR Software.</p>
<p>Prerequisites for being able to purchase a two-year license and be able to provide this training yourself:</p>
    <li>Have successfully completed &nbsp;a CDR Analysis-style class from one of the 3&nbsp;<a href="http://www.boschdiagnostics.com/training/pages/CDR_training.aspx">Bosch Recognized</a> CDR Training Organizations in the past 2 years (i.e. Crash Data Specialists Analysis and Applications Class, IPTM "Methodologies" class, or CSI / Northwestner University CDR Data Analyst class). AND:</li>
    <li>Previous attendance at a "Train-the-Trainer" class for a similar content class (i.e. are currently, or in the past, been a "Technician" trainer OR:</li>
    <li>Experience as a trainer in collision investigation related classes (c.v. to be provided upon request).</li>
<p>Crash Data Specialists will provide our CDR Operator Class Trainers with:</p>
    <li>An up to date CDR System Operators Training Class in Powerpoint Format (available in Powerpoint 2003, 2007, 2010 format) using a personalized "DropBox" folder</li>
    <li>Your personalized introduction slide embedded within your powerpoint (up to two different versions per license are available)</li>
    <li>Speakers Notes in both the supplied PowerPoint (suitable for using in "Presenter Mode") as well as in a color PDF odcument at one slide and notes per page, suitbale for high resolution printing</li>
    <li>Class Handouts in 2 slide per page format in a an Adobe PDF printable document, (free of unsightly watermarks across the content) suitable for printing in high resolution black and white (color version available upon request)</li>
    <li>Suggested Certificate layout in Microsoft Word Format</li>
    <li>Timely updates to the material when significant changes to coverage, content or other relevant feature changes are made in a new release of the Bosch CDR Software via your DropBox folder (We update our material regularly and are committed to provided YOU with updates!)</li>
    <li>Access to our website to have your provided CDR Operators Class listed and advertised. (Include access to our online registration system.)</li>
    <li>Access to the CDR System Operators Yahoo!Group - All CDR Operator-Trainers are added as Administrators to approve/add &nbsp;their class attendees</li>
<p>Class Code to be entered when Registering to be a Crash Data Speciialists CDR System Operators Trainer: CDSOPERTRNR</p>
<p>Cost for Two-Year License: only $425.00 ($375.00 for NAPARS and CATAIR Members - please use code NAPARS or CATAIR in addition to the class code)</p>
<p>SInce our CDR Operators class is approved for 8 ACTAR CEU's, students of our partner CDR Operator Trainers coursewill be eligible for the same number of CEU's.</p>
<p>Being a CDR System Operator Trainer is ideal for Law Enforcement Agencies, Engineering Firms, Fleet Managers, Insurance Industry and anyone else involved in collision investigation. Being a trainer means you can expand the number of qualified individuals within your organization who can image/download the crash data for use by others in your agency to interpret and analyze. This is a cost effective solution for situations where not every user has the background or need to be trained in Analysis and Applications.</p>
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