The Advanced Collision Reconstruction Class with CDR Applications is designed to teach class participants how to work with CDR data in their collision reconstruction. This class is not intended as a replacement for the CDR Analyst class, but acts as a supplement to the CDR Analyst class, taking the analysis of the data a step further.

In addition, this class will incorporate a review of pre-crash and delta-v data from the currently supported vehicles and may include additional updated CDR info as time allows.

Topics Include:

  • Overview of pre crash data sources and recorded crash pulse data
  • Calculating Δv from acceleration data
  • Calculating impulse Δv from x/y Δv data
  • Calculating pdof from x/y Δv data
  • Adjusting x axis Δv to represent impulse Δv
  • Single Equation Approach to 360˚Momentum Analysis
  • Calculating Impact & Post Impact Velocities from CDR data (Δv & pdof)
  • Reconciling Pre Crash and Post Crash CDR data
  • Analyzing CDR data in Context of your Reconstruction
  • All case examples used in class are derived from real world crashes

The purpose of this class is to teach the class participants how to work with the CDR data, particularly how to properly use the Δv data to determine impact and post impact velocities in various types of collision scenarios.

All of the projects presented in the class are based on actual collisions using downloads obtained from those collision. Reinforcing that the techniques taught in this class can in fact be applied to the real world.

Tuition cost:normally  $675.00 per person. Please see the individual course information or flyer located in the "Scheduled Courses" Section


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