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Welcome to Crash Data Specialists

The Best Source for your CDR and other Collision Reconstruction Training needs


Crash Data Specialists in partnership with Accident Analysis and Crash LLC are pleased to provide a wide selection of Collision Reconstruction Courses from Crash Data Retrieval System (CDR) through Basic Accident Investigation (At-Scene / Level 2), Advanced Accident Investigation (Technical / Level 3), Collision Reconstruction as well as Pedestrian Collision Reconstruction, Crush and Energy Analysis and more.

Crash Data Specialists is the home of the best Bosch CDR User Training Courses available! We are a training organization specializing in training in the use of the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System. We offer both an Operator level class (1 day) and a CDR Data Analysis and Applications class (4 days) as the core of our CDR Training. We also offer CDR Update courses from time to time as well as training suited to your organizations needs.


Our instructors experience with CDR supported vehicles and recorded crash related data pre-dates the 2000 release of the (then Vetronix) Bosch Crash Data Retrieval System, and have been instructing CDR classes since 2003.


We are the only CDR Trainers with International experience bringing this training to emerging CDR markets having conducted training in Australia and Germany, and the UK, with additional classes scheduled in Germany and Australia.


Visit our European partner - ibB Engineering by clicking THIS LINK.


We believe that our five-day complete training course package is the most cost effective means of CDR Training. For the Law Enforcement officer and the Reconstructionist in private practice, this minimizes your time away from the office versus the 7-day complete series offered by others.


The CDR System Operators class covers the basics of operation of the CDR system, from the software installation, usage and help file navigation to the various hardware components that make up the system and how they are used. We also cover determining supported vehicle coverage, best method of access, module locations and safeguarding the data, back-powering the modules throught the fuse box and more.


The CDR Data Analysis and Applications course is designed for the Collision Reconstructionist or other end-user who will be using the imaged crash data as part of their reconstruction, investigation or analysis. We cover all currently supported auto manufacturers systems as well as an overview of other manufacturers such as Kia, Hyundai and Subaru, with publicly available crash data. Our class material us updated regularily to include the newest car manufacturers with CDR supported vehicles as soon as the coverage is available. The class includes example reports and how to apply the imaged data in the context of a Reconstruction. We provide extensive supporting documentation and information on our class USB flash drive for participants. This includes several Excel applications related to CDR written by Greg Russell.


Also available is our growing in popularity Advanced Reconstruction with CDR Applications class taught in association with Greg Russell of Accident Analysis and Reconstruction Inc. This class takes CDR Analysis to the next level including using the Laws of Sines and Cosines where we demonstrate the abiliity to calculate most uknowns where one detailed CDR download exists. Extensive cases using values such as delta-v and PDOF are demonstrated in detail through actual case examples. We welcome attendees to bring in their own case problems for workup as part of the class.


We also offer an Advanced Skills for the CDR Technician class. This class builds on the skills of the basic operator class and includes back-powering methods to obtain an on vehicle image, including extensive hands-on practice and more. Available vehicle diagnostic tools and available information will be discussed and hands-on experience with a variety of scan tools is included.

For details on all our classes, please visit our “Courses” page for complete descriptions and a schedule of upcoming classes. Use the “Contact Us” page if you are interested in hosting a training class near you.


Thanks for Stopping by.


Brad Muir,  Jon Northrup, Greg Russell and Vlad Bortchevsky


Looking for information on the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System? Click Here to go to the Bosch Diagnostics CDR Homepage


Crash Data Specialists is a Bosch recognized CDR Training organization and we are listed on the Bosch CDR training web page. Click Here to visit the Bosch CDR Training web page.


*********Crash Data Specialists has gone PAPERLESS! **************

We now distribute a USB "flash drive" at the start of class as well as pads for note taking. ALL class slides are in SINGLE slide to a page with room for electronic notes to be made on the page. All slide material can be Highlighted in the PDF (for classes after June 2014). All notes made are SEARCHABLE from within the PDF eliminating the need for "stickies" and highlighters on paper!. Adobe Acrobat 11 or newer REQUIRED. Acrobat is a FREE program downloadable from Both PC and MAC versions are on the USB flash drive. NOTE: CDS maintains a small number of "NetBooks" that will be available at class. Please ADVISE upon registering if you will require hard-copy and a link to a printable version will be provided for download and local printing.